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 Mayweather fight anyone watch it?

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Mayweather fight anyone watch it? Empty
PostSubject: Mayweather fight anyone watch it?   Mayweather fight anyone watch it? I_icon_minitime5/3/2010, 2:29 am

Anyone catch the fight?

"Mosley failed to make this an enthralling spectacle, going into his shell in the middle rounds and never emerging from it. The Californian looked every one of his 38 years by the end, and landed only 92 punches all night."

Mayweather did more to press the action than he has in the past, throwing right hands and coming close to knocking out Mosley late – yet it wasn’t enough to get fans on the edge of their seats.

"Saturday night’s fight proved that there is only one contest involving Mayweather worth watching right now: the much-debated, politically-contentious and potentially record-breaking blockbuster against Manny Pacquiao that the sport desperately needs. Until that fight can be made, personality clashes, drug-testing arguments and other trivialities aside, there is nothing to be gained from witnessing Mayweather or Pacquiao taking on anyone else.

They are too good, too far ahead of the pack, for any other bout to offer serious interest."

They need to just fight already, Mayweather acting like a lil baby and shit. If he truely is the greatest he should have no prob. knocking Pacman out... If he can that is. Suspect
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Mayweather fight anyone watch it? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mayweather fight anyone watch it?   Mayweather fight anyone watch it? I_icon_minitime5/27/2010, 8:36 pm

The ball is in Pacman's court. Mosley accpeted Mayweather's demands and fought, now its all up to Manny if he wants to fight.
If he doesn't take the fight then it will seem like Pac is taking some type of drug. Then Mayweather will come out clean and say he was right, Manny's a cheater he uses drugs and the rest.

But because everyone will make so much money out of it eventually it'll happen sometime between November and May.
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Mayweather fight anyone watch it?
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